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Aleksander Kharitonov
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      Alexander Kharitonov entered the world of painting as if casting the watershed of elements from the canvases, from the first personal exhibition presenting such vortex of light, rare by its force, its concerted sounding bringing such exertion, which makes it hard to breathe. A sophisticated spectator at informal exhibition would exclaim in amazement: is it really possible and straight away? Continuing the search of the Sixtiers with primary multi-colored palette and arrogant might of his brush, he stepped further and with his coloristic innovations improved the general level of artistic culture.

         Genuine originality is not blatant, it intimately paves only its own way, without decorations either with timely procured merits, or with nimb of persecuted exaggerated by the tabloids.

         Both of us didnt eat our fill in childhood and I remember how intimately since young years my brother collected paints, contenting himself to what remained of a beggarly bursary for subsistence, and dreaming of time, when circumstances and means would allow his long-supprd gift develop in full force. I think he didnt even suspect how demanded would be coming of the faerie might of his painting into the cultural space of early 21st century.

         His motto is a well-known slogan through force to joy. Hes one of those few long-anticipated masters, who doesnt ruin, aspersing or sneering, but who having accumulated creative energy generously slops it over out of space of canvas into the space of social conflicts, sharing it with everyone whos ready to accept luminescence he has created. And the centennially bleeding history of Russia, with its sacred symbols, mysteriously gleaming Jerusalem hills and bright clusters on the canvas reflect both the range of interests, creativity and the imprint of temperament of the artist, externally reserved and laconic. He doesnt grind out his works with enduring efforts, apprehending to leave traces of extra assiduity and even sweat; he strives for working quickly, maintaining effervescent lightness during short but intensive assaults. Although plunged in information tides and household concerns, like casting out of mole-rats or plugging up holes in the garden fence on his land plot he may nurture certain plots for weeks.

         After his first personal exhibition in Kuznetsky most, accidentally falling on the September and the October days of 1993, for several years the artist limited his part in exhibitions as a rule to small, non-program works. However his perfectionism, withholding him from arranging personal exhibitions should be and probably, will be supplemented by the sense of duty before the spectator, who will find dynamics of light energies of the canvas concordant with his own visions.

         In festive luxury of pure form, in which motives of fantasy blossom clusters are divined, is concealed Aleksander Kharitonovs principal feature as artist and personality - his turn to primary lightful might, which in best canvases is elevated to hymn to life.

Valery Kharitonov